Fighting for YOU: Your Money, Your Safety, Your Neighborhoods

About Amy

Amy Murray has an extensive history of political involvement and a passion for diving into the issues when it comes to making Cincinnati a better place to live and work.

Amy’s business experience includes 14 years with Procter & Gamble in Global Business Development with much of her focus on Asia.  She currently owns her own business and serves as a business consultant enabling companies to fully develop their Japanese business.

As past President of Hyde Park Neighborhood Council, she worked closely with residents, business and the city to bring about positive change.

As member of city council and candidate, Amy has been committed to more robust job creation and making Cincinnati a more “business-friendly” city.  She is an advocate for the taxpayer and believes the city should live within its means with a structurally balanced budget.  Fiscal responsibility, holding our leaders accountable and keeping our neighborhoods safe are her key focus areas to keep Cincinnati moving forward.

Amy resides in Hyde Park with her husband, 2 sons and dog Fluffy.



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